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南呱智能科技(汕头)有限公司是一家致力于潜心研发流体智能控制系统的科技型企业。 流体智能控制系统集:自动配墨、自动添加、流体数据采集分析、智能运算控制粘度、定位输送等功能于一体。生产的设备已为各印刷工厂进行服务,使得众多印刷厂家节约了巨大的成本开支。加上各项人性化设计,使本公司产品在印刷包装领域获得广大客户的认可。 南呱团队以客户的满意与成功为目标,秉承德系工业精益求精的工匠精神,坚持走专业化路线,持续创新智造精品。产品远销世界各地。

Nangua Intelligent Technology (Shantou) Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise dedicated to the research and development of fluid intelligent control systems. The fluid intelligent control system integrates: automatic ink distribution, automatic addition, fluid data collection and analysis, intelligent calculation to control viscosity, positioning and transportation, etc. The equipment produced has served various printing factories, making many printing factories save huge costs. Coupled with various humanized designs, the company's products have been recognized by customers in the field of printing and packaging. The Nangua team aims at customer satisfaction and success, adhering to the craftsman spirit of the German industry to strive for perfection, adhere to the professional route, and continue to innovate and create high-quality products. Products are exported to all over the world.